Saturday, November 8, 2008

Sierra and Hallowe'en

She was a frog. She was a ball bouncer. She was a bear hugger. She was just plain fun. See our happy -- and a bit tired -- little frog on Hallowe'en night.


Elmo Lives

Elmo and Sierra are fast becoming good friends. This is Sierra's introduction to an Elmo who is not just on a screen or in a book.


Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Many Interests of Sierra

All I have to do these days is walk around with the camera and there are endless things that Sierra is doing and interesed in doing to video. So, here's today's sample as she walks and kisses the baby Jesus, and explores all sorts of things.


Cute things at church on September 28, 2008 with Sierra and Megan.


Saturday, September 27, 2008

Sierra Wins Our Hearts A Thousand Ways

For a closer look: Left click on the picture to make it full screen

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Sierra Plays and Walks By Herself - Sept 21-25

There are fun things that I do to make other people happy. This is a movie we made today for my dear friend Andrea because I miss her and I wanted her to have a little bit of time with me and see all the things that I can do. My friends here say that this video is "total manipulation" to get Andrea to come and visit us and they wouldn't be totally wrong ... I think we all miss her and love her.


From Sunday until the middle of the week I made amazing progress in walking by myself. Here I am all the way from the kitchen to the couch in the living room ... all by myself!!


I'm ready to show the world that I can take steps on my own ... I don't know who is happier .... me for walking or all the people in the Sunday group who are cheering me on!!!